All the moments of the day of the Block Notes Photo Contest

Winners, special mentions and photo galleries of the 2022 edition


The Block Notes Photo Contest, the second 2022 contest of the Sirmione Award for Photography, ended on Sunday 8 May.

In 4 weeks of “Photographic notes of A NORMAL DAY” the photographs told a particular moment of the day: morning, noon, afternoon, evening.

4 weeks, 5 winners, 11 special mentions and 326 photographs in competition.

First week: morning
Luigi Casanova
Special Mentions: Davide Gualtieri and Giulia Summa

Second week: noon
Sergio Bellavista
Special Mentions: Carlo Cattaneo and Vanessa Maio

Third week: afternoon
Carlo Cattaneo
Special Mentions: Mauro Gandolfini and Luigi Casanova

Fourth week: evening
Lorenzo Raffaelli
Special Mentions: Andrea Pagliari, Daniela Veronese and Enrico Gorra

Final winner for the photographic notes of A NORMAL DAY
Antonella Pallavicino
Special Mentions: Enrico Gorra and Daniele Belli

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