Sirmione: a safe shelter for animals

In the building regulations rules and prohibitions to shelter swallows and small creatures


The renewed building regulation in Sirmione is the first in the Brescia area to provide rules for the protection of nesting of protected species such as swallows, martins, swifts and for the diurnal and winter shelters of bats; as well as to introduce rescue measures for small fauna in general.

The rules, contained in article 84 which is significantly entitled “safeguarding urban biodiversity”, establish that the construction of new buildings and the renovation of existing ones can provide for the positioning of anti-pigeon barriers, but without these compromising the ‘possible nesting of swifts, swallows, house martins and bats. The article also prohibits the destruction of nests and, in the event of their presence in garages, sheds, closets, porches, provides that access to birds is guaranteed for the entire period of nesting.

Thus the Mayor, Luisa Lavell, in the article published by Bresciaoggi as of May 16th 2022: “Environmental protection has always been an issue of fundamental importance for our administration, committed to promoting this same value with concrete initiatives and actions. The revision of the municipal building regulations is also part of this perspective, within which we have accepted the request of the Lipu and Lac associations by providing a series of elements that make the safeguarding of urban biodiversity even more effective”.

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