Scaligero Castle among the Top 30

The Scaligero Castle and the Grottoes of Catullus are confirmed among the most visited sites in Italy (newspaper article in italian only)


The Scaligero Castle rises in 22nd position, the Grottoes of Catullus descend and exit (very little) from the top 30 of the most visited state museums in Italy, but the number of entrances registered in 2019 by the two Sirmione sites managed by the Polo Museale Regionale della Lombardia (over 550 thousand in total) it remains always considerable, enough to keep up with “giants” like Rome, Venice and Naples.

Francesca Roman’s summary in the Giornale di Brescia confirms that the two main historical and cultural sites of Sirmione continue to attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year: the entrances to the Scaligero Castle have been 310,153 while those to the Grotto di Catullo, 248,470.

Considerable numbers if we think that, in the ranking of the Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage, Sirmione Castle is positioned in front of the Royal Palace of Naples and immediately behind the Archaeological Museum of Venice.

Read Francesca Roman’s articles in the Giornale di Brescia and Valentino Rodolfi on Bresciaoggi.

Ph. Barbara Asla, Premio Sirmione per la Fotografia 2019


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