Music at the gates of dawn

The enchanting photogallery of Echoes, The eras of Pink Floyd in a classic guise, the concert at dawn at the Spiaggia delle Muse


In the faces and expressions of those who got up early when the stars goes to sleep, we can read the wonder and amazement.
Waiting on the beach for the morning star, witnessing its luminous unveiling accompanied by the evocative music of Pink Floyd reinterpreted in a classic guise is such a strong emotion that the early wake up is a minor detail.

Those who have enjoyed this magical spectacle of nature and great music will find it difficult to describe in words what it was. We can only strongly recommend to those who were not there not to miss the next appointment:

Domenica 14 agosto 2022, ore 5:00
Spiaggia delle Muse
Alta Marea: cover, plagi e citazioni
Brani di Venditti, Collins, Harrison, Dylan, Cohen
Concerto per violino, violoncello, arpa, pianoforte e voce
A cura del Gruppo Caronte Domenica 14 agosto 2022, alle ore 5:00, alla Spiaggia delle Muse 

Quando le stelle vanno a dormire

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