Mayor’s invitation to the responsible use of drinking water

10 simple steps to avoid wasting drinking water


To counter the water alert that is affecting our country, the collaboration of all of us, citizens, guests and visitors of Sirmione, is essential in adopting responsible and aware behaviors that can reduce waste and avoidable consumption of drinking water, therefore, the Mayor invites you to adopt some simple precautions and good practices:

   1. Always close the tap when not needed
   2. Prefer a quick shower to the bathroom
3. Install the nozzle on the taps and repair any dripping taps
4. Reuse water whenever possible
5. Use, where installed, the reduced drain of the toilet or reuse collected water
6. Check the meter with the system closed, if consumption is recorded there could be leaks
7. Operate the dishwasher and washing machine only when fully loaded
8. Wash the vegetables and thaw the frozen food in a bowl and not under running water
9. In case of rain, collect rainwater and use it in the following days to irrigate flowers and plants
10. Irrigate orchards and gardens, taking care to avoid waste and unnecessary consumption

As a municipal administration we have always been careful to avoid waste; in fact, all the fountains in the area are equipped with a water recirculation system. At this particular moment and until the end of the water criticality we will not proceed to fill them. On the other hand, the fountains available to all for the supply of drinking water remain active. I am sure you will understand my invitation and its importance for the good of us all.

Invito del Sindaco


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