An important initiative to promote sustainable tourism through the enhancement of rural areas


We will soon have a new vineyard in via Verona with a name that clarifies its vocation: # LUGANA LOVER.

# LUGANA LOVER does not aim to produce more wine but to promote the culture of the vine and of Lugana wine, through the creation of a path that will tell citizens and tourists about the quality of vines and grapes, the harvesting methods, the vinification cycle and the various types of wine that are produced.

Inside the green area near the traffic circle of via Moretto, it will be planted a vineyard made by using the typical planting techniques of the territory. An information point will be created among the vines, thanks to which citizens and tourists will be able to know and appreciate Lugana wine better (characteristics of the vine, cultivation methods, harvesting and wine-making techniques).

The project, carried out by the Municipality of Sirmione, is financed by the GAL Gruppo di Azione Locale Garda e Colli Mantovani (Local Action Group of Garda and Mantua Hills), one of whose objectives is to enhance the rural areas that have maintained a strong territorial identity, based on original historical and cultural values through appropriate actions to promote sustainable tourism that exploit the potential of the tourist flows of Lake Garda.

Places with intact historical and cultural characters can be effectively protected only thanks to sustainable forms of tourism that appeal to travelers interested in the quality of the environment and landscape and attentive to the richness of history and culture.

The photo-simulation of the project # LUGANA LOVER

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