Life in Pompei at the Grand Palais in Paris exhibition

A unique archaeological site, an immersive walk among archaeological treasures and new discoveries


The Grand Palais in Paris presents a new and spectacular exhibition dedicated to Pompei ancient city buried in 79 A.D. from the eruption of Vesuvius.

Sharing the most recent treasures and archaeological discoveries, the Grand Palais offers a new type of experience that allows you to see Pompeii under its many faces through footage of new excavations, the restoration of a mosaic and the Pompeian houses.

An immersive journey immerses the visitor in the heart of Pompeii, during its splendor and during the tragedy of its destruction, through 360-degree projections and 3D reconstructions of streets and houses.
Combining technology and archaeology, the exhibition tells the fascinating history of this city and the discoveries made possible by the excavations carried out over the years until today.

Pompei:  audio guida walking  for adults and children
Pompei:   drawings of the city from the collection kept at the Beaux-Arts de Paris

All the suggestions of #I STAY AT HOME but I don’t give up the culture (article in Italian only)

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