Italian Red Cross in front of the Castle of Sirmione

A fixed medical health unit available for citizens and tourists during summer weekends


During summertime on Saturdays and Sunday a crew of Italian Red Cross provided with an ambulance will stop in front of the Castle of Sirmione. The important initiative is possible thanks to the collaboration between AREU Azienda Regionale Emergenza Urgenza, the Red Cross Committee of Calvisano, as well as the Council of the municipality of Sirmione and Cars – Consorzio Albergatori Ristoratori Sirmione that found a place at Infopoint in viale Marconi.

“I am satisfied with this new and important goal achieved for defending the health of citizens and tourists of Sirmione – comments Massimo Padovan, alderman delegated to Civil Protection – and I thank the mayor Luisa Lavelli who supported the realization of this service: the emergency fixed medical health unit.”

The rescue station involves the staying of a crew in Sirmione in dynamic mode from 10 am to 6 pm available for SOREU Alpina Sala Operativa Regionale Emergenza Urgenza, in order to move around the territory where interventions are requested.

Ph Antonello Perin

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