Bottom, the feet: the 4 winners of the Sirmione 10% Photo Marathon

The four photos that complete the A BIG BOOK exhibition at Palazzo Callas Exhibitions


On Sunday 10th April 2022 at 7 am, more than 60 photographers gathered in Piazza Carducci to participate in the Sirmione 10% Photo Marathon.

At 7:30 am the theme of the Marathon was delivered: Bottom, the feet.
Time available: 1 hour.
59 photographs presented.

The photographs of

Luigi Casanova
Stefania Pasolini
Michele Tusi
Patrizia Bonatti

have been chosen to complete the A BIG BOOK, exhibition, open until Sunday 18 July at Palazzo Callas Exhibitions. In addition to being consistent with the theme, the

photographs had to be in square format and in black and white.

The gallery of all participating photos

Premio Sirmione per la Fotografia is sponsored by

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