August 19th is World Photography Day

Sirmione celebrates the invention that revolutionized our lives


World Photography Day was established in 2010 on the initiative of the Australian photographer Korske Ara.
The date of 19th August was chosen because it coincides with the date of birth of the daguerreotype, the first photographic process for the development of images, dated 19th August 1837.

Sirmione is traditionally very attentive to the world of photography, in particular with two major strands of initiatives: the Sirmione Award for Photography, now in its 11th edition and the photographic exhibitions held at Palazzo Callas Exhibitions.

Sirmione Award for Photography, 4 photo competitions and only one protagonist: Lake Garda.
Registration are open, take part and try to win the €1500 first prize.

A NEW LIFE | UNA NUOVA VITA, the photo exhibition held at Palazzo Callas Exhibitions until 27th September where you can admire a selection of photographs that took part in the Lake Garda Photo Challenge 2019, the Sirmione Photo Marathon 2019, the Block Notes Photo Contest 2020 and completed with the winning photographs of the Sirmione 10% Photo Marathon on Sunday 19th July.

The gallery of the winners of the Sirmione Award for Photography 2019

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