Dear Guest

We look forward to welcoming you back in Sirmione: a message from the Mayor and the Councillor for Tourism


After the unpleasant inconvenience suffered on 15 August due to the interruption of electricity and water services, the Mayor and the Councillor for Tourism have decided to send a message to the guests present in Sirmione on that day.

This communication follows the letter sent in recent days to Acque Bresciane and Enel SpA asking for immediate feedback in order to avoid a repeat of the breakdowns.

Dear Guest

We are aware that your holiday in Sirmione on August 15th may have been less comfortable than expected due to the temporary cuts in electricity and water supplies in the afternoon.

We apologize for this momentary inconvenience, which was not due to any shortcomings of the hotels where you were staying, and neither was in the responsibility of the local town council.

We can assure you that the service providers involved were immediately urged to respond of the incident and to make sure it will never happen in the future.

We hope that the beauty and colours of our peninsula, combined with our renowned hospitability have made your stay in Sirmione a pleasant and memorable experience despite of the inconvenience.

We look forward to welcoming you back in Sirmione, when you like best, so that you can continue to appreciate the beauty and peculiarities of our town, which is unique in the world.

Best regards

Luisa Lavelli

Mauro Carrozza
Town Councillor for Tourism

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