La Bianca, la Rossa e la Blu
Alice Bossi
La Divina emozione. Sirmione Callas 21-23

Date: Monday 4 July 2022

Time: 21:30 - 22:30

Location: Lungolago di Lugana

Review: Sirmione in scena - XXIII rassegna internazionale di teatro di figura, 2022

La Bianca, la Rossa e la Blu
Alice Bossi, Milan
Funny gags, scenic movement and miming illusion

What if one day someone from an other country would come to your city? And what if this someone would be very different from you and would come to live right in the house next to yours?
With this show we want to speak to young people about the encounter with someone that is different from us. Only through this encounter we can embrace new descoverings, get richer, enrich and grow together. Through body language, art of miming and clowning, one actress performs three female clowns, very different from one another, that act on a sonorous floor of daily words, music, sounds and noises.

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