Connections. La Mostra con il Panorama più bello del Mondo.
La Divina emozione. Sirmione Callas 21 23

Date: Sunday 10 July 2022 - Sunday 6 November 2022

Location: Punta Gro'

Review: Mostre d'arte

5 young photographers, graduated from LABA, Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia, will get in touch with people, tourists and residents in Punta Gro and in the historic centre, starting up with them a dialouge made of words and photographic shots. They will try to catch the connections that in few places develop as extraordinarily as in Sirmione: connections between past and present, between nature and humans. The goal of the project is to give a new meaning to the street, to communicate in an instinctive way a sense of welcoming, openness, hospitality and to reveal the deep connections that are weaving together in Sirmione.

The project is in continuity with realised in 2021 and curated by Lillo Marciano. The taken photographies will be printed in black and white in wide size and will cover abandoned buildings in Punta Gro, giving them a new life. Portraits that, applied to self-supporting panels, will follow through the walking path until Casa del Pescatore. The photographs will display the name of the portraied people, their origin and their job or ambition.

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