Where far becomes near

The photo gallery of the concert by Danilo Rossi & The New Gipsy Project at Punta Grò



A classical musician and a Rom ensemble come together in a musical encounter in which cultural differences are contaminated, enriched and unite musical genres that are only apparently distant. This is the umpteenth connection that Punta Grò was able to generate: a concert without stage and without barriers in which everyone felt an essential part of the work itself.

This and much more tell the images of Il concerto con il Panorama più bello del Mondo with Danilo Rossi & The New Gipsy Project dedicated to the memory of Lillo Marciano, artist and curator who for many years led to Sirmione and especially to Punta Grò, an art that, as Danilo Rossi & The New Gipsy Project have shown us, was able to unite people, art and landscape beyond any imaginable stereotype.

Ph Fabrizio Biolchi

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