Cristina de Middel in Sirmione in the footsteps of Maria Callas

The Magnum photographer looking for places to revive the singer


Cristina de Middel, an important photographer, artist and documentary maker affiliated Magnum Photos, spent a day in Sirmione to carry out an inspection and identify the places where she will create the sets for the photographic project that she will dedicate to Maria Callas.

This year we will see the first stage of the project in the exhibition
La voce delle mani Maria Callas e gli Italiani Fotografie di Cristina de Middel e Richard Kalvar – La Divina Emozione. Atto Secondo. La voce delle mani will be open from 23 July to 6 November 2022 at Palazzo Callas Exhibitions.

In autumn the new shots and in spring 2023 the exhibition that will conclude the project.

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