Connections: photographs that talk about us

5 young photographers from Brescia in Sirmione looking for portraits


5 young photographers from Brescia will start in the coming days to shoot in the streets of Sirmione the photographs with which the exhibition Connections will be realized.

Arianna Bonaita, 23 anni, Eleonora Pecoraro, 22 anni, Davide Rancan, 28 anni, Federica Scaroni, 24 anni e Francesca Vezzoli, 22 anni, were commissioned by the Municipality of Sirmione to make portraits (of people, couples, families, visitors, people from Sirmione, tourists) that will tell a particular story of Sirmione.

It is not time yet to reveal the detailed profile of the project, which will be unveiled completely only during the photo shoot and the exhibition. Photographers will always be identifiable thanks to the official Pass of the Municipality of Sirmione and can provide information on the project.

Connections, visible from next July, continues the experience of La Mostra con il Panorama più bello del Mondo, (The Exhibition with the Most Beautiful Panorama of the World), continuing the dialogue and amplifying the virtuous circle between people, nature, and art that in few places can be realized as completely as in Sirmione.

In the name of Maria Callas and her story of early talent, 5 young artists were involved, 5 young photographers from Brescia trained at Laba, Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Brescia: a way to intercept the spirit of our time directly in its places of origin.

Connections is a piece of the puzzle of initiatives that unites Sirmione to the world of photography and to the one of artistic expression in general: while the announcement of the Sirmione Photo Residency is about to close, registrations for two other photo contests are open, the Sirmione 10% Photo Marathon and the Lake Garda Block Notes Photo Contest.
From April 9 will open at Palazzo Callas Exhibitions “A big book”, the exhibition dedicated to the Sirmione Award for Photography 2021 and will open registrations for the two historical photographic competitions of Sirmione, the Lake Garda Photo Challenge and the Sirmione Photo Marathon.

The complete program of Sirmione Callas 21·23

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