Block Notes Photo Contest: the winner of the first week

The first winning photo and the Special Mentions of the Jury for the first theme: morning


Block Notes Photo Contest has its first winner.

Luigi Casanova‘s photograph was chosen by the Jury from among the 83 photographs in competition for this first week of the contest.

Two Special Mentions have been attributed to the photographs of Davide Gualtieri and Giulia Summa.

Divided into four different sessions, each one lasting a week, the Block Notes Photo Contest, the second photographic challenge of the Sirmione Award for Photography, collects your “Photographic notes of A NORMAL DAY”. Each week the photographs must refer to a specific time frame that will change every 7 days: in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon and in the evening.
Photographs can be taken anywhere; they don’t need to be related to Sirmione or Lake Garda.

Block Notes Photo Contest will continue for another three weeks, until Sunday 8th May
All the info to participate in the Block Notes Photo Contest

All the winners of the Block Notes Photo Contests

Luigi Casanova, Block Notes Photo Contest 2022, Settimana 1: Mattina. Vincitore

Davide Gualtieri, Block Notes Photo Contest 2022, Settimana 1: Mattina. Menzione

Giulia Summa, Block Notes Photo Contest 2022, Settimana 1: Mattina. Menzione

The photo gallery of the first week of the Block Notes Photo Contest

The Sirmione Award for Photography is supported by

Azienda Agricola Nunzio Ghiraldi  – Cà Lojera – Cantina Corte Anna – Cantine Sgreva – Casa Scaligeri
Cascina Maddalena  – Direzione regionale Musei Lombardia –  Don Lorenzo della Grillaia – Garda Tours – Hotel Catullo
Hotel Continental – Hotel Marconi – Ristorante Antica Contrada – Trattoria il Vecchio ‘800


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